How many buttons does your mouse need?

Sure, you can make do with two buttons and a scroll wheel, but what about DPI switches? Or side buttons for quick swaps in games and easy browsing on line? What about FPS buttons to drop your DPI, or twelve discrete side buttons for the most intense of mobas and MMOs? How many buttons is the right number of buttons? 


  • Any mouse with less than five buttons:
  • Ian
    I've been using an Inland GM-76 at work for a couple months, it has 5 buttons, and I'd say that's plenty for me. I'm not a MMO/MOBA player so I don't need all those buttons but I could see why you would want them.

  • TSPhillipT
    12 :)

    I can only use the Corsair Scimitar!  This has been my go to mouse for a few years.. just love all the buttons for both macros through iCUE or use in MOBAs.  I realized I could only use the Scimitar when WoW rereleased in mid 2019.  My mouse died the same day, and when I went to Micro Center, they sold out of all like 20 in stock due to the rerelease... and I don't play WoW.  I tried 4-5 other mice while waiting for the Scimitar to come back in stock.. and HATED the feeling of all of them.  The Scimitar and it's 12 buttons and sleeker design just felt great and when we got stock.. I made sure to buy a few extra as spare to keep in my closet.  Not letting stock run out cause issues again.  
  • Paul_2
    Paul_2 ✭✭
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    edited January 2021
    I have the Corsair Scimitar too, and it's nice,  but to be honest I haven't bothered with any of the 12 side buttons at all...
    The DPI buttons on the top though are super useful!
    I also have the original Corsair K95 keyboard that has the 18 macro buttons on the left, instead of the 6 on the newer version.  But, again to be honest, I haven't used any of them, but I like to know they're there!
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