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  • ninja502
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    i would go with a different motherboard, if your putting that much money into it i wouln't get a mother board that max's out at 64gb ram when there is plenty to pick from that max out at 128gb for same price. i would also change the 2.5 1gb ssd 's to the  m2 ssd since most have 2 spots and would get rid if extra cables in the case . the price of the ssd would be about the same range. it also wouldn't hurt to kick the ram up to 32gb. if you change the ram get it as a single 32gb chip as upgrading ram would be a simple pop in new 32gb chip at a time to hit the max 128gb if you change boards from what you listed in the build
  • JS_MC
    Hello, @night3w5 Welcome to the community!
    I'd recommend the change that @ninja502 did regarding your SSD.
    What kind of budget did you have in mind for this build? Also, did you have a monitor in mind for pairing with this build?
    I noticed you selected the diffused LED strip for the Lancool II. It is specifically designed for the Lancool II and would take some work to make it fit with the NZXT case you've selected. I'd recommend changing the case or selecting another LED strip.
    Once we know a bit more about your budget and monitor pairing, I'd be happy to discuss it further!
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