My visit to Micro Center Denver 1/29/2020 @ 12:30pm

I went to Micro Center today with the intent of purchasing a EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra.  I went in about the time that shipments have be arriving the past few weeks.  I was greeted by the staff and was told they should be coming out in a few minutes but they haven't been released yet for the floor.  I walked to browse the GPU aisle and was confronted by the manager asking if we were here waiting for graphic cards.  I told him yes and he told us to make a line at the front of the build your own PC section.  We waited for about 30 minutes to have roughly 10 GPU's show up, but not the particular GPU that I was interested in.  I asked one of the employees if they happened to have gotten in an EVGA shipment and was told that unfortunately, that was all of the graphic cards that they had for the day.  That was completely ok with me, luck of the draw.

Roughly 5 minutes, 2 carts of 30series graphic cards came out from the back as I was passing by the motherboards.  I peeked to see an EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra and was happy to at least get a chance to get one.  Standing at the open box motherboards, roughly about 4-5 feet away from the same manager pushing the cart, after turning left into the GPU aisle, I was told rather brashly "HEY!  I need you to back off another 5 feet, I MEAN IT."  After, which, he said to another associate "These guys are getting out of control".

Just to be clear, we stood and waited patiently in the line that you specified until we were told that there was no more incoming inventory.  The line when those initial cards were deployed was very orderly and we only came up as the employees had summoned us.  I even stepped out of the GPU space, out of the way, standing opposite the manager from the open box rack when I saw that they only had MSI 3090's on the shelf.  To be confronted in such a manner like I was a child or a potential thief was quite demeaning to say the least.

Everyone else was fantastic and pleasant as always.  Needless to say, the rudeness of the interaction with that single manager made me put back the O11 Dynamic XL case that I had in my hand that I'd been waiting to come back in stock, the Asus Maximus XII Hero that I was planning, as well as the 10900k.  I'll try back another day when I can find an associate that can help me feel good about my "feel good" purchase.


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