What the hell is wrong with you guys!?

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I had a web order for 3 small fittings. I get notified that 2 have shipped but they have not. A label was made no parts are on the way. I then a day later get a vague notification that "All or part of my order was canceled". Check my order on the website and nothing all I can do is look at the order history which doesn't show if anything got canceled or anything. WTF! You sell all things related to computing and you don't even have a proper website!? 


  • ninja502
    on mine if you go under order history and click that order you should see 

    • SKU: M
    • Condition: New
    • Status: Unknown
    • Transaction #: xx-xx-12345678
    • Quantity: 1
    • Price Each: 0.0000
    • Total Price: $0.00
    the ones that show $0.00  is what was out of stock ,    and is not on my order when i do store pickup 
  • Not the case for mine. The real problem is it's 2021 and microcenter doesn't have a proper system in place for web orders. Ya'll do know how much money your leaving on the table right? Case in point, I've ordered about $800 worth of PC related stuff in the last month through Amazon and Newegg. Microcenter your web site for online orders is garbage please fix it. 
  • Ian
    Greetings. I am sorry to hear of the issues with placing an order online. Do you have the order number you are having an issue with so we may provide some clarity to the status of your order? 
  • #12041259  I was able to finally confirm that a package was actually mailed. So I'm guessing that other fitting that wasn't part of the shipping notice is what was cancelled.  Would be great if you guys could confirm what is canceled when sending out a notice in the first place.  Also would be great to see a real time inventory for what's in stock and not when making a web order.  This is not new age tech we're talking about.  Inventory systems are very common and fairly easy to implement.  Keep your "In store exclusives" but for God's sake please update your systems for web orders. 
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