Samsung 860 Pro SSD Not Recognized by PC

Just installed a 1 TB Samsung 860 Pro SSD in our PC, however, the PC (File Explorer) does not recognize that the SSD is there.  I've tried two different SATA cables, connecting the SATA cable to two different ports on the motherboard and switching the power harness connector all to no avail.  Note that this SSD is only being used as additional storage on the PC.

The weird thing is that I also installed the recommended Samsung Magician software and it finds the drive.  Using Magician I ran a diagnostic and no problems were found.

Anyone have any advice other than to return the SSD?

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  • booker
    Ding dong...had to go into Storage Spaces and create a new pool so the PC would recognize this drive.  Guess it's been too long since I added another drive.  Last one was 15 years ago and the computer automatically recognized the new HD with little effort on my part.
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