Hello, if i purchase all the parts to build a computer and I ask Micro Center to help me build the computer, how many days will it take to build the computer at Tustin Microcenter.  ( I Work full time and I don't have time to build a computer)

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  • Scripps
    Ian thanks for answering my question......... Do I need to make an appointment? and is early Friday morning around 0800 AM too busy for a build? or should I come in on a different day?   Also, do I need to open or remove any of the computer parts out of the boxes.   
  • JS_MC
    @Scripps No appointment is needed, however, our store hours are Mon-Sat 10 to 9, Sun 11 to 6.
    You're welcome to set an appointment if you'd like. Selecting the service that you're interested in on our Service page, then selected "Get Started."
    You don't need to remove any of the parts from their boxes. In fact, we'd prefer you don't.
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