Sata cables not included in a $1800 Powerspec prebuilt?

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It's not like this is a cheap-o computer. I appreciate the extra modular cables for the power supply but not a single sata cable for hard drives? I know the motherboard comes with them...


  • Ian
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    Greetings. For the PowerSpecs, you will have to purchase data SATA cables separately.  While we try to include as many spare items that come with core components of our PowerSpecs, motherboards come in bulk for mass production, thus we do not attain the spare SATA cables that generally come in retail motherboard boxes.  We do apologize for any inconvenience.

  • advres
    You can get 3 for 7 bucks on Amazon (I bet you get them insanely cheap) and you cheap out by not hooking customers up, not telling them before hand and leave them hanging for a couple days? It's not exactly rocket science. Is a couple bucks in cables worth ruining a customer relationship over? Had I known, I would have bought a couple. But assumed, obviously naively, that this sort of "perk" would be an obvious inclusion. But now, I'll order from amazon instead of driving 20 miles back. And frankly, I'll go to Amazon or Newegg in the future. And it isn't about a couple dollar cable, it's about the attitude of "well, that's your problem. We don't go above and beyond for anybody." Enjoy my $1800, it will be the last you see from me.
  • TS_CalebS
    Hello, I do understand the frustration and I apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like I can go ahead and send a message over to the manager at your local store about this to see if we are able to do anything for you. I will be emailing you shortly to get a little more information, and get this message sent out. 
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