From None to Dry Ice, how hard are you Overclocking your CPU?

Some of us out here don't know what overclocking is, and other's don't see the need to overclock. But then there are those that are overclocking beyond the limits of conventional builds, integrating dry ice to try and squeeze every drop of power from their CPU.

How tough are you?


  • You can catch me here, having an overclockable 4790k and yet never even attempting to overclock

  • Ian
    I honestly just like the auto turbo boost do it's thing on my Intel processor.

  • Paul_2
    Paul_2 ✭✭
    Name Dropper First Comment
    edited February 2021
    I'm so glad I'm not alone in getting the over-clockable gear, but then under-utilizing it.
    I enjoy "knowing I can" overclock, but never quite get around to actually doing it.
    I enjoy the process of comparing technical specifications, and putting together a bleeding edge system.
    I end up paying extra for CL14 vs CL15 for example, but with the x99 memory controller being so picky, as soon as I turn on XMP it doesn't boot, so I just turn it off and end up running at the default 2133 MHZ.  I KNOW there is a way to essentially copy all the settings to a manual mode and just boosting the voltage, but I end up finding something else to catch my interest and never quite get around to it.
    Whenever I read the blogs for over-clockers, I find myself asking "Do they ever actually use their computer for anything, except benchmarks?"
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