Price match after purchase within return period

Can you price match to a lower price after the purchase that is within the return period or do you need to return the item and repurchase?

The price is lower on the monitor I purchased at Amazon being sold by the manufacturer, Samsung.

The monitor is being sold at $1,399.99. I purchased the same monitor for $1,479.99 just over a week ago. (Order#: 181-WP-9121823).

Thank you for your assistance.


  • JS_MC
    Hello, @rednug! Welcome to the community!
    Please expect an email from us regarding this!
  • rednug
    Thank for such a quick response! Very much appreciated.
  • JS_MC
    You're quite welcome!
  • Can I still return a component if it has failed due to another component?
  • TSTDavey
    Hello @TheKeybinder can you elaborate on a component failing because of another component?  What part are you referring too and do you have the reference number for the purchase of this component that failed? The reference number 181-wp-9121823 only shows the Samsung Monitor.
  • Thanks - I actually haven't purchased the parts yet.  My greater concern is more about a global warranty.  In other words, when I purchase all the components and put them together,  is there any warranty at all.  And...if one item fails and potentially negatively impacts another component, where would I stand in terms of any warranties to cover any of the components.  I'm trying to determine whether it would be better to purchase a pre-built because it has a warranty or build a gaming PC because it would be less expensive but then take chance in terms of components failing without any warranty protection.  Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!
  • TSKyleH
    Hello @TheKeybinder, Each component will have its own warranty through the manufacture of that component. These warranties would certainly cover any defects in that part. The extent of these warranties is up to the manufacture of a component that fails. Micro Center does offer replacement plans you can purchase on each component which would allow you to bring that component to the store instead of working with the manufacture to provide a replacement or credit.
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