Looking for help in MIX AND MATCH of my desktop, trying something new.

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I need: 
------Windows 10,
-------lots of RAM 16GB plus, if possible can add RAM
-------Core i9 processor
--------HDD and SSD if possible can add storage
--------graphics card needed
--------Ethernet connection
--------Touchscreen monitor with 
                      --------a second monitor somehow
                      --------IPS panel monitor if possible, higher resolution
--------desktop to be used for music, art, and work on ethernet connection
ANY SUGGESTIONS NEEDED, looking for information on recommendations, thanks ahead for the help


  • Ian
    Greetings, are you looking for a pre-built system with this or were you looking for a list of parts recommendations? What would your budget be for this? 
  • Chantay
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    I'm hoping to have a computer that is not pre-built necessarily, but it can be,

    it also doesn't have to have the touchscreen
    Any price range is ok, open to seeing options, hoping for lesser price more or less, but I understand the touchscreen would add much more (touchscreen can be removed but please don't remove if possible)
  • JS_MC
    I'd recommend the above to meet each of your specifications.
    If you were interested in reducing cost, you could downgrade the GPU to an older model, such as the 20 series or perhaps a 1660 Super.
    I included the touch screen monitor and a 4k monitor that I would recommend. If you're looking for a monitor that will work with a pen or an art/creative display I'd recommend the Wacam One. If you're wanting something that is larger than 13" I would recommend their Cintiq. These can get quite expensive quickly as they are made for professional artists.
    The mouse I selected for you is a bit more expensive than the typical office mount, however, it does include a side scroll wheel that will help when scrubbing over tracks or moving around in different DAWs.
    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
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