What made you fall in love with Micro Center?

We all have that moment where we realized "oh, I'm home" when walking into a Micro Center, but what started that love affair for you?


  • Mine started before I even visited a Micro Center - When I was 7 my dad came back from the Cleveland store, a 45 minute drive at the time, with a 512 MB flash drive, just absolutely thrilled that he got it for free, excitedly talking about how much space it had and how crazy it was that he got it for free. That excitement was so infectious, I knew I was going to love Micro Center as soon as I would get to see it. 

    And lo and behold, I've spent far too much money here, and have no intention of slowing down.
  • Ian
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    It really just is the general vibe of the store honestly. But I would say picking out everything for the first time to build and how easy it was 
  • Venkat

    It was the Spring of '99, when you were the only place in town that had accessories for the Philips Nino -- one of the coolest PDAs (personal digital assistant, not the other PDA). And later that year I waited 3 months for you to drop the price of a Targus 56k modem on clearance till I could afford it.

    What I like is the low pressure yet knowledgeable sales people.

  • When I was in trade school for networking and engineering, we had to build a project for monitoring temperatures and moisture levels for plants in the environment. My professor suggested that I look into raspberry Pi's and arduino boards. Ever since I discovered Micro Center, every other every tech competitor was subpar lol.

  • Building my first computer! I walked into the store with plans to buy a new GPU, when I looked at the rest of the prices and the discount that I'd get for combining my purchases, I left with a new build that lasted for a long time. Loved Micro Center ever since! Luckily, I don't live too close. My wallet hurts enough as it is. 😂

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    The CPU prices, firstly.

    Microcenter staked out that one key piece of any build and has essentially cornered the market on having the best CPU prices, but for store pickup only, so it gets me in the store more often.

    Secondly, the ability for me to build up a shopping cart of components for local pickup, and having my clients pick them up for me to build. I don't want to deal with resale on my own end, and I don't want to spend my own money for client equipment (and hope I get reimbursed).

    I like the monitor setups, but they're usually displaying the most basic of image, so you're not able to witness 144Hz tear-free G-sync for example. I also like the layout of components in the component section, but I've often spec'd out exactly what I want well before I ever entered the store.

    So, thirdly, it's the "maker" section with the random electronic projects, Raspberry PI's, arduino kits etc that I enjoy browsing immensely. It brings back the old Radio Shack feel from when I was a kid.

  • brainiacthemaniac

    I bought my first ever computer many years ago from the Micro Center in Dallas. I find myself getting lost in this store and I never leave without buying something. When I have time to kill I just go to enjoy myself. It reminds me of going to the Toy store when I was a kiddo. Also, the bathroom! I love the bathroom! I am happy to see that my Micro Center is so busy. I dont know what I would do if it went the way of Frys (God Forbid)

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