Using the Trooper II as an XInput controller on a PC

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On a PC, some programs do not recognize DirectInput controllers like the Trooper II.  For programs that require XInput controllers, XOutput can be used to emulate an XInput controller using a DirectInput controller. This works well on Steam. To get started, download XOutput from GitHub. After downloading and unzipping the file, double click XOutput.exe. Windows Defender may block the application, but you can click “more info” then “run anyway” to launch the application.

You may see an error asking you to install ViGEm. This is not necessary. Click “Ok” to continue.

The screen is divided into 3 parts: DirectInput devices, game controllers, and an output console. Once your Trooper is connected, it should show up in the DirectInput section.

To create a new virtual controller, click “Add Controller” under “Game Controller”. This will create a controller with the name “Controller” in the Game Controller window. Click “Edit” next to this controller.

Mapping inputs is pretty simple. Click “Configure” next to a button, then press the button on your controller you want to map to that button. I mapped the top buttons and shoulder buttons to A, B, X, and Y, the Start and Select buttons to Start and Back, and the DPad to the joystick. I also added a deadzone to my D pad, but I don't think this is necessary. The deadzone helps prevent ghost inputs. 

At the bottom of the window you can change the name of the controller. You can also choose to automatically enable emulation when the device is plugged in. Unless you plan to create multiple virtual controllers mapped to one physical controller I recommend checking this box.

You can now close the configuration window, and click “Save Configuratinon” at the bottom of the window. Unplug your Trooper, plug it back in, and you’ll be able to use your Trooper II as an XInput controller. 

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