3000 Series Restock


I was wondering if there were specific days I could come for a 3000 series card, the closest Microcenter is 4 hours away and I was just wanting to come on a day where I could get one of the 3000 series card, specifically the 3060ti.


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    Hello @Zeki255 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Its truly a challenge to get one of the 3000 series cards. The inventory delivery trucks visits the stores each week on multiple days during the week. There is no scheduled time. The stores are notified a day before a truck will arrive so they can prepare for the inventory. The store only knows 24 hours before a truck comes. Customers are now visiting the store everyday with a hope to grab one of the 3000 series cards. If really want to have a good chance to get this card from Microcenter only and you have vacay time with your employer; take 2 days off from work, find a reasonable cost hotel room near the MC store, and visit it each morning for those 2 days to see if they've been notified a truck is coming that day. Then wait for the truck or the store may give you a 3000 voucher and will call you when the truck arrives.

  • Jbc029
    For clarification, not all stores will offer vouchers and you cannot call them ahead of time. See if you can find another community member that has shopped at that location to see if that store has a voucher program in place.
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