Terrible customer service from Rockville


Had computer troubles so dropped it off for diagnostics. On the phone they said they had found it was a CPU problem and promised me a written service report (so that I could return it under warranty) with the findings of their diagnostics when I picked up my PC.

After I had picked it up and got home I found the paperwork they'd given me only included my own problem description. This in itself was pretty annoying, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and called them to ask them to email it to me. On the phone they were blunt and dismissive and said I had to come all the way back in to get speak to a technician, and wouldn't even attempt to progress the matter over the phone. What a huge inconvenience because of THEIR incompetence.

And of course the website doesn't list a phone number or email address for complaints either. Very disappointing.


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