RGB: Yes or No?


It's a simple question, recently reignited by PC Gamer's resharing of their 2017 article saying that Gaming Hardware Needs to Grow Up. Today, they came back to say that Every One of RGB's 16.8M Colours Has a Place in Gaming hardware.

So what do you think? Is RGB essential to every build, or are you left looking for something that doesn't look like it can cut you with all those hard edges and colors?

RGB: Yes or No?

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  • No! Give me that sleek and simple look

    I'm going to come out swinging: I like my computers simple. Sure, my Mouse and Keyboard are littered with RGB, but that's not why I bought them. My case is matte black with no external lighting and no windows. My graphics card has RGB on it, but I have no idea what I set it to, it's been so long since I've looked inside my case while my computer was running.

    But - there is something stunning about those sleek, one-or-two color builds like Doom over here, so I guess it can stick around.

  • djohnson2
    Yes! RGB is essential to any build

    Lighting in general makes a room feel 100 times better. So why not add it to your PC. My build tends to change colors with my moods - or when I need more performance... 😂

  • Ian
    Eh! It's fine in moderation

    Yes and no for me, I have it but it just kinda came with all the parts I bought. Although I enjoy an RGB keyboard but just to make it all white.

  • TSPhillipT
    Yes! RGB is essential to any build

    RGB always. Big Corsair Fanboy here, RGB is my life and I usually plan my builds around at least a decent amount of RGB.

    I do prefer nonrainbow and addressable RGB patterns. I think rainbow in general isn't the most appealing but color schemes is the main reason why I am super into RGB. I do seasonal color changes for my setup usually. I have everything from LED Strips in my case to LED strips on the back of my monitor and a set of Nanoleafs as well.

  • Paul_2
    No! Give me that sleek and simple look

    I also like Corsair for their mechanical keyboards and high DPI mice, etc ... The RGB there, and it's cool for a minute, but I end up ignoring it after that.

    For the cases, I don't mind a couple LEDs but they need to be a solid color that matches the non-RGB tower color scheme.

    I often nap or sleep on the couch in my office so too many RGB lights, especially if they are actively changing the color inhibits my sleeping.

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