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New to the community but not Micro Center. I have been a driver all my life. Starting from high school, driving tow trucks for my dad, then taxi cabs, delivering pizza, flowers, blood for the red cross, auto parts and finally a limousine driver. About 10 years ago i sort of turned a friend i met at a homeless shelter into a geek. He went north to the top of the thumb in Michigan and i stayed in the Detroit area as we both aquired disability from Social Security. I remote into his box weekly and we both have fun, me repairing less and less, yet talking computers like we both used to do repairing cars. 10 years ago i found two Acer B243HL monitors with all the bells and whistles, pivot, swivel, tilt, telescope, speakers and usb ports at the Madison Heights, MI Micro Center for a crazy good price. The store had 2 in stock. We both wanted them so i logged into my account to place them on hold. And Just that quick, a click, and only one was availible. So i looked at another store. Michigan only has the one in Madison Heights. The Cleveland store had the same monitor. Am i driving to Cleveland? You bet. Used to have an account where we went there for clients with the sedan service (limousines). It was old times taking the back way in, hugging the coast past Toledo all the way. Forget the turnpike. When i get there this nice fella checked me out and i told him the story. He said he was from Belleville, Mi and did i know where it was? Well, included in my history i used to train drivers, i said Rawsonville Rd. He said i guess you do! I loved driving for a living 200%. I hightailed out of there shifting all 5 gears of my Z24, took the backway again, through Toledo, past Detroit, up into Bad Axe, MI in the tip of the thumb and delivered the monitor. Knocked on the door and said Micro Center delivery at your service. All three of us had a blast!


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