AMD 5000 Series CPUs Advertising False/Misleading Regular Price

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Hey Microcenter Peeps,

First, I love this store, and not trying to be a jerk, but what on earth are you doing advertising a false/misleading regular price on Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, when we know they're selling at MSRP? A 5900X has never, and will never, be priced at $799 in a MicroCenter store. I'm really hoping this is just a situation where an intern had a bad idea they forgot to run by the boss. FTC guides against deceptive pricing 16 CFR § 233.1 may not have teeth, but there are a lot of state laws this practice could clash with too. This kind of pricing "mistake" has cost retailers some pretty large settlements. Just trying to help.

Beware of the Sale: Complying with Promotional Pricing Guidelines | Practical Law (


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