New build - looking for any advice and/or gotcha please.


Trying to keep the grand total under $1000. Build/test is $150, so about $850 is budgeted.

Will use for my work computer.

Quite often have a lot of applications running - i.e. a bunch of Chrome tabs, all kinds of Microsft Office apps.

PDF reader, Mobaxterm... and quite often VMware Workstation.

Here's my build as I see it now:

One remaining question I have is in order to get three monitors (Dell SE2419HX), not sure if I should try to get a MB with three simultaneous outputs (OK if one of them is VGA) or just get a PCIe card to do all of that.

So still not sure about the MB. Also not sure if the CPU I've chosen has integrated graphics.


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    Hello @sreeve29. Solid build here, however, the CPU you've selected does not have integrated graphics and will require a discrete graphics card/GPU to be able to display anything.

    Since you mentioned that this wasn't for gaming, I'd recommend a low-cost GPU with enough ports to support the 3 monitors.

    I'd recommend the GTX 1650 since this specific GPU has two HDMI outputs and one DisplayPort output.

    To keep this under budget, I'd recommend removing the 2.5" SSD and upgrading the M.2 SSD. You could also move to a Ryzen 3600 instead of the 3700X. You would lose some performance with this.

    Otherwise, this is a great build.

  • sreeve29

    Thank you for the reply.

    Wonder if something like the ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 might work. $58 or so.

    Hoping to keep the 3700X and the two drives.

    Don't mind spending a bit more on the system...

    I also want it to be nice and quiet - thus the SSD drives only.

  • JS_MC

    The GT 710 would work if your monitors can support VGA and DVI. Most monitors support HDMI and the GT 710 only has one.

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