Your Go-To PC Gaming Controller


Sure, the Xbox controller may be the most common PC controller, but there's a small-but-passionate base for Sony's Dualshock 4. And with the haptic triggers on the Dual Sense, we may start seeing PC games make use of them! But for now, what's your Go-To PC Gaming controller?

Your Go-To PC Gaming Controller

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  • The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers

    I've been using the classics for as long as I've been gaming on PC..... BUT only for select games. And, after experimenting with the weight and feel of the DualSense (and its goooooood), I might be making a shift here soon. Otherwise, it's keyboard and mouse for me!

  • JS_MC
    The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers

    For me, I'll typically use an Xbox controller. I started console gaming with a PS1, moving to a PS2 and the Xbox 360 and, of course, I've changed my controller as I changed console. So when I upgraded to PC, I just used what I had available. Since then I've stuck with Xbox controllers except for one short time where I used a Steam controller. I still use that for Rocket League because I can't replace the buttons in the triggers. I love that a full pull of the trigger has a button. Now that I've got so many hours in RL, I can't switch, and won't switch until my trusty steam controller dies.

    TL;DR Xbox One controller/Steam Controller; for now.

  • Jules
    The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers
    I use an xbox controller but only because we have a console and if people come over we have an extra controller to play together! I only use it for apex and gta 5 right now But for the most prt i use keyboard and mouse for all other games
  • TSPhillipT
    The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers

    I will use Keyboard and Mouse for most PC games however if I ever feel like I need a controller, especially for fighting games, an Xbox 360 Controller is my favorite. I prefer it more than the Xbox One controller, just feels nicer to me since I have put countless hours playing UMvC3 on the 360.

    I also am a giant Gamecube fan and play a few gamecube games, mainly Melee on my computer.

  • Ian
    The OG: Keyboard and Mouse ONLY.

    KB&Mouse when it is available and works well, otherwise I have and use an Xbox One controller only because it came with the original Rift.

  • Paul_2
    The Underdog: Sony's DualShock 4

    KB & Mouse at the PC screens, PS4 controller on big screen (connected to same PC)

  • The Unique: Other! Comment below

    There where a few custom controlers that had a sandy feel, I loved those. i think they came with the SE Horozon, Mastercheif, and one other Madden 2017?

  • TSTonyV
    TSTonyV ✭✭✭✭✭
    First Anniversary 5 Likes First Comment First Answer
    The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers

    Highly depends on the game I'm playing.

    I have an Xbox One controller I use when I'm playing action games (Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, etc...). Since you can literally just plug-and-play with the Xbox One controllers, it was the easy decision. I didn't want to mess around with weird drivers and software to get it working.

    I use keyboard/mouse for other games like MMOs, shooters (obviously), and MOBAs.

  • JohnMagee
    JohnMagee Store Associate
    5 Likes First Comment Name Dropper Micro Center Store Associate
    The Classic: Microsoft's Xbox Controllers

    The xbox 360 controller is the best controller of all time!

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