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Hello all,

I am looking to build a gaming first PC. I wanted some help choosing parts, fitting in a budget under $1,200. I have saved up some cash and want to create a good 1080p gaming rig that never drops below 60fps. I would like to get 144hz at 1080p? Do not know much about how far my budget can reach. I normally play COD and Minecraft.

I do not know much about graphics cards so please give me some insight if you have any! Should I wait for 30 series to be in stock later this year? or should I buy a used 20 series on ebay? Also if AMD has good graphics too let me know some good cards from them!

I already have a i9 macbook from 2019 so graphic design/video editing is a secondary on this PC, but it would be nice to freely run Adobe products at no problem.

Thank you for taking the time!


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