Access Files/Apps with multiple computers from Home, Field, Hotel


Hello, Can someone give me (a blue collar guy that doesn't know much), some advise on what to buy and setup to solve my problem?

I have a small construction company so some times I'm in the office and sometimes on jobsites in town or out of state. I need to use my PC in the office, on the jobsite, and back at the hotel at the end of the work day. Everything for the company is on my Predator Helios 300 right now. I use it for AutoCad, Outlook, Quickbooks Desktop/Online, browsing the internet, and storing company files (PDFs, Excel, Word, Policy and procedure documents), etc.

All the company info is on this one PC I lug all over tarnation. It could get broken or stolen and everything would be over. I recently was on a jobsite for 2 months out of state and my Predator would not turn on. I had no Micro Center close by either :/. I got behind on emails, quotes, and other book keeping. I tried booting the Hardrive from another PC but I'm not smart enough for even that.

I realized I needed to set things up better.

Packing the PC up to bring it to and from the hotel each am/pm is also something I want to do away with.

Is there anything I can buy to setup so I can access everything from 3 separate computers (Office, Hotel, Jobsite). And something safe so that if I break a PC onsite, I can just go buy another PC and access everything from a server or something at the office? Or is AWS something I should look into?




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    Hello @David_Boyette1

    My first thought would be to recommend something like a cloud service like you mentioned, however, since you mentioned that you also need computing power for programs like AutoCAD, I'd think a remote connection might be the best option for you.

    So, a powerful desktop/laptop at the Office which you can use as a home base, then using a service to remotely connect to your office devise using an internet connection.

    I'd recommend something like LogMeIn or TeamViewer. There are many services like these that let you remotely login to your devices. These services also allow you to transfer files to and from devices, meaning that you'd be able to have multiple copies of files on your devices.

    Using services like these allows you to leverage the computing power of a desktop from a lightweight laptop.

    I'd be happy to offer more recommendations if you have any other questions or concerns!

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