Totally out of my depth, here...


Hello, Community! (I'll try programming that instead of "Hello, World!")

Does that tell you anything about how NEW I am to this? Mostly self-taught by trial and error, utilizing library references and online searches, I have somehow managed to gain a local reputation for minor computer repair, primarily trouble-shooting in BIOS, undoing malware damage, and doing clean OS installs. People have donated old computers for me to do whatever I want and my ambition is to build a "Franken-puter" from the spare bits. I've discovered tech folks are usually quite generous with their knowledgeable input and amazingly patient. So, I'm hoping to tap into the brainiac collective here when I need advice.

My life outside of tech is busy so this will be done whenever I can get some time to myself. I hope to visit here whenever time and motivation permits. However, I've also noticed that when I post about something I'm hoping to do, it kind of encourages personal accountability, and I am more inclined to MAKE time! So, now it begins... :-)

Looking forward to getting to know the community! Be well and stay safe!



  • TSTDavey

    Hello @Beverly1954 and welcome to the Microcenter Community. Don't feel nervous or hesitant to post something on our Community Forum. We are all here to share knowledge, experiences and input as it relates to different aspects of computing. So when you are ready go ahead an post a question, idea, or give input to other community users. Again welcome Bev.

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