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Hey guys,

I am looking for general advice on building a PC. I don't have the funds to create the best PC ever but I want mine to be above average. The main purpose will be gaming but I will also need it for work fairly regularly.

The information is overwhelming, especially for a first time builder. I find myself getting very indecisive over what I want or even need.

I want a PC that will run current games extremely well (the quality of graphics are important but I am willing to sacrifice a little on resolution if I can have zero lag) and still have the capabilities to play the games that will come out in the near future at a high level. I do not need to run the graphics on their ultimate highest level, but I definitely want an above average experience from my graphics.

So I guess here are my specific questions:

Will last year's graphics cards run today's games the way I want? Or do I absolutely have to have the newest card to get the look and feel I want?

What parts should I spend the most money on? What parts can I afford to save a little money on?

Do you have any recommendations on builds to roughly follow? Any parts that stick out among the competition?

Literally anything helps, I am very new to the PC world. Thanks!


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