My son was able to buy one today at MC. They talked him into a 2-year extended warranty. I am interested in comments whether an extended warranty makes sense when the vendor offers a 3 year limited warranty for parts and labor. He spent over $900 for the card and is dishing out another $120 for the warranty. In all my time and his with graphics cards we have never seen one fail in less than 5 years.

Am I missing something obvious- are they that risky? And, yes, there may be some bitcoin mining happening :)



  • Nathanael7
    edited February 2021

    Was it Rog-Strix-Rtx3080? not 6800? Which MC?

    I was going to camp out early in the morning, but there were only AMD graphic cards on the online stocks.

    So, online stocks is not really accurate? Only way to check it is you have to be there every morning?

    What number in the line were your son? I was there the other day 5:30 in the morning, but there were 17 people already before me. lol.

  • Markcw98

    Hey- thanks for the response. It is what I listed, He was camped at his computer before 7am trying to get into the que. I think the store opened a little later- he was able to log in around 7:50 and I think he was 8. It was a lucky break for him, as those cards are not usually available (not that any are now) so he was talked into getting one. Then he had to up the power supply and they talked him into the warranty. He was really shooting for a 3060- not that powerful- but he got it.

    I don't think he should have the extended warranty- so I am trying to talk him out of it.

  • JS_MC

    Hello @Markcw98

    In my experience as a customer, there are many reasons to have an additional warranty. My favorite is that I don't have to deal with the manufacturer if I have an issue with my card. If I have an issue I can just take it to the store and speak with the service desk.

    There are other reasons, but if you're not interested in the warranty, you'd still be able to return the warranty as long as you're still within the return period of the card.

  • Markcw98

    Thanks for the response, Ultimately it is my son's decision to make. I am not a gamer or into bit coin, so I am on a learning curve with this. It seems to be a lot of $ for a card, but the more I look into it- the more it appears he was in the right place at the right time when that card was available. He is happily testing it out now and is really impressed. Dealing with a vendor can be really difficult- much easier to just drop it off at the store and discuss a replacement. And- I can share good stories where an extended warranty on electronics really bailed me out. So- we will see. Thanks again.

  • JS_MC

    You're quite welcome! It's definitely a choice to consider. That being said, I've purchased a warranty on my last 3 GPUs. I've only had to use it on 1 of them, but it definitely saved me. So I continue to do so.

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