What the freaking heck?


I ordered a computer for pick up in Tustin, but the receipt said it would be shipped to our PO box (really?). So, I went to Tustin and asked for the computer, which they said I would have to buy again and then cancel the online order (seriously?). So, I bought it and called the online number they gave me while I was standing there. I stayed on hold all the way back to Cerritos (half an hour in the car) and then my call was disconnected (yay!) So, then I tried to cancel in online...what? THERE IS NO WAY TO CANCEL ONLINE. Have y'all heard the term "user friendly?" You might want to try the concept on for size. So, then I left a message on a different chat, having absolutely no confidence it would do anything. And so, I am leaving this message, also. The order number is 12163337. You have my phone number. Please call me.

My husband and I have bought computers from you for years, and this is the first 'Experience from Hell' I have had. Please make it the last. Please call me.



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