Advice on entry level video editing build


Hey guys,

Below is my video editing build that I would like MicroCenter to help me put together. My budget is $1000 (or right around there).

Do you have any advice on what parts I can swap out to keep it below about $1100 (including labor)?

I really want that processor, as I know it is important for video editing. The GPU I heard is not nearly as important, as I am really just using Premiere Pro, not doing heavy rendering with Davinci for After Effects. Maybe there is a lower cost GPU you could recommend?

Thank you!


  • TS_EmileC

    Hello @Apollo1990. Ideally you would need a system with a lot of RAM and a multicore processor (4 cores being the minimum). What you have is great for an entry level editing rig. At the minimum, Premiere Pro recommends at least a GT 970 or R9 290 for a video card and an i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350 for a processor. In essence, you can get by with an RX 580 or GT 1070 if you can find one in stock and you can go down to a 3700X and save 50 bucks. There is a slight performance gap but not worth the price difference for the 3800X. I would get 16GB of RAM and upgrade as needed. A 6-core processor is right where you need to be.

  • Just the advice I needed, thank you!
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