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External Hard Drive to Store/Stream Movies

Hi -

I want to purchase an external hard drive to store and stream movies. Does any body have a suggestion on a couple of options?

All I have is USB2.0 on my pc. I was looking at installing a Vantec 3-Port USB 3.0 Type PCIe Host Card to support higher speeds. I read that USB 2.0 would most likely produce buffering. That is why I looked at the PCIe card to install on the motherboard.

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  • Hello @Howard60 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Some hard drives to look at would be the Seagate backup plus or the WD Mybook external hard drives. USB 2.0 speeds should be able to handle streaming a movie directly from an external hard drive. If you are streaming the movie online from the hard drive, your internet or wifi speeds is what you want to look at. If you are just watching the movie directly from the hard drive to a a computer or TV and you are not on the internet, the 2.0 speeds will work.

  • Thank you TSTDavey! I appreciate the advice. I did look at the WD Mybook; there were good reviews about WD and how quiet they run which, would be important. They all kind of report the same performance values with slight differences. I do however like the comments on how quiet WD external hard drives run.

    Thanks TSTDavey - enjoy! Stay safe...

  • @Howard60 I'm glad we could help. You take care and be safe as well. Enjoy that that WD Mybook.👍️

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