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You have some serious problem with online inventory update.

So I was checking for 3080 online stocks at Peterson NJ location.

Today is Sunday so I didn't expect any new shipments came in, but there were one Asus rog strix 3080 and two Msi gaming x 3070 popped up suddenly. So I was rushing to drive up there and luckly no one were in front of me. So I waited 3hrs freezing to death outside of building, but feeling happy to get 3080 finally. And than the MC dude came out to tell us that there are no graphic cards. I told him to check online inventory and he's saying that their online inventory is inaccurate. I know MC don't get regular shipping truck coming in on Sunday, but they are receiving some drop shipments like ups and Fedex. And these graphic cards did not popped up until 8:00am. That means somebody check the shipments and updated online stocks. There must be some employee holding these graphic cards before the customer. It was not the first time happened. There must be something shady is happening behind scene. I can't trust these guy anymore.


  • Hello @Nathanael7 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. The online website is updated real-time when inventory is counted. We're not sure of what fully happened with the cards, but we can share this will Leadership within corporate and the store.

  • ya i find that very shady.because usual the inventory is accurate.i woke up at 6 am on feb 13 saturday and check the yonkers location website.there was 3 powercolor red devil i quickly got up and called and a cab and get to the MC yonkers at 7am and 1st one in front of the store.i waited outside in the freezing cold for 3 hrs constantly refreshing the inventory page.when the store open finally opened the manager said that there were just 3 in stock of 6800xt and no other high end i bought one. i was happy to get that so i have to call bullshit on what the employees said.something is definitely wrong there.

  • Thanks for the quick response. Like you said here the online website is updated real-time when inventory is counted than there must be something shady is going on. Pls check back with MC store at Peterson, NJ. There were none of the 30 series of Graphic cards when I check the online inventory early in the morning and than when i check back around 8:00am there were some of 3080 and 3070 available in stock. That's why I rush to drove all the way to MC for secure my spot. I was the first in the line. You know how i was feeling so happy that I waited for this graphic card for over 3 months now. I camped out every morning for this moment and this is what you guys can do best for your customer? Pls investigate what happened with the cards and fix your online inventory update if you have a problem cause I don't want to waist my time like this anymore.

  • @Nathanael7 a ticket has been created regarding the 3000 series incident and website updates. The ticket is now in the appropriate staff members hands to follow up on this with the store. Possibly more to follow up on with you in the future. We have your email address @Nathanael7 so if any follow up to you is necessary from our end, you'll get an email from MC.

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