Can I exchange defective in-store bought items through the website?


The closest microcenter is 4 hours round trip and a whole tank of gas from me.

I bought an ASUS B550-F ROG Strix Wifi board last week. Took a day off work and went up there before they ran out of 5900x's. I just tried to assemble the PC and the plastic on the USB 3 header broke off. I've never had that happen to me in over 2 decades of building PC's and using numerous ASUS boards.

I installed it the way I've always installed them, gently pressing straight forward to get everything to sit in place. And then the header plastic broke.

I'm wondering if I can have a new one temporarily charged to me and shipped out ASAP (I'm off this week so it'd be nice to get this thing done) and then I could use the shipping box to send back the defective one? I would rather not deal with the long, slow process of manufacturer warranty nor would I like to have to make that trip over a broken piece of plastic.

Or, if possible, if I could have a different board (just figured out this asus doesn't even have a front panel USB C header), be charged the difference then send this one back.

I tried finding a support e-mail to send to and the live chat link didn't do anything when clicked. So here I am.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @Nhornung

    Please expect an email from us regarding this. I'd be happy to look into this for you once I've got a bit more information.

  • Nhornung

    Welp, just got off of the phone with management. Micro center won't do anything at all.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @Nhornung I saw the response from the store Supervisor in the ticket created for your issue. I know the Supervisor's reply is not what you were expecting. I'm sorry for that. But you do have the option to further this with Microcenter and push for another response from the store to a possible outcome to your liking (key word: possible).

    You can contact the Microcenter Corporate office Customer Relations department at 614-850-3000.

    You can share what happened and your conversation with the Sharonville Store Supervisor with Customer Relations and let them know what you were expecting as a customer from a retailer like Microcenter in regards to remedying your situation, especially with the parts being purchased from the MC store.

    Customer relations will take if from there. They can push for a different outcome with the store.

    if you choose to call CR, give the rep your ticket# 3059105. Your incident with the store is tracked under that ticket#.

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