Will the rtx 3060 sell for msrp?

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I’ve been seeing a lot of leaks on the 3060 being very overpriced and I was wondering if it will be overpriced at micro center.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @HahaNo

    I still haven't received any info from NVIDIA about the upcoming release.

    However, you do ask a great question!

    I've seen a lot of different reasons for a price increase lately. One of our other admins here on the forum provided an answer that I'd agree with. Though, I would have to say that this is still an opinion. I do not have an official answer or word from our corporate HQ.

    Just chiming in with my personal input (Not the opinion of Micro Center mind you, just some information I've found online and from my personal shopping recently), you are likely seeing some of the new tariff pricing put in place:





    I've been feeling the tariffs for quite some time as I buy a lot of my custom water cooling components from Germany and metals have been a part of these tariffs for a while now, but it looks like a lot of computer components are falling under this category too.

    It's still something our team will be looking into for you, but I figured I'd post that information here as I stumbled across it and found it interesting as it appeared to relate to what you experienced. Definitely hits at a bad time, as I am looking to buy a new motherboard soon and MSI happens to be one of the vendors as well.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions about this.

  • NameIdeas

    I think we all know of the tariffs.

    More so will Microcenter be like other online companies and people who have stated "tariffs" while doubling prices (EU has this current problem). I have never seen Microcenter be anything but fair, minus a couple occasions of hundreds. 400 dollars would be the highest I would expect tariffs to have an affect on a launch day. While price gouging in EU is causing prices of 500-750 USD. Effectively the MSRP of a 3070 to 3080...

    Might be a better way to put and potentially answer the question

  • JS_MC

    For the majority of items that we carry our pricing is typically very competitive compared to what you'd find online from other major retailers and in many cases, I've seen us offer better pricing. Though, in this unique circumstance, I'm not certain of what to expect for the upcoming 3060 GPUs.

    This is the first time that I've experienced this kind of increase to cost for electronic items that are imported. I have no previous experience to refer to here. I've seen info suggesting that we should expect an 8-25% increase in cost to some items. That being said, it was speculation.

    Strictly offering my opinion here, that being said, the MSRP was set by NVIDIA at the beginning of January. The GPU they announced is not something that they are manufacturing or offering as they have with the previous 30 series GPUs. Also, they have yet to update the MSRP of the other 30 series GPUs.

    While a retailer does set part of the cost of an item, the manufacturer also sets the cost. It's definitely something to consider.

    I've said a lot, but until the release of the new GPUs I can't offer any concrete pricing or details about the 3060. I wish that I could, but I don't yet know myself.

  • NameIdeas
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    Edit Was in response to deleted post

    I am going to hope that is not a microcenter leak.

    As it says an unnamed retailers list. And some have been gouging. Also for reference MSRP of 3060 TI is 399, seeing any retailor trying to get 500 for a 3060 marked at 329 MSRP before resellers is just horrid. Which is the current MSRP of a 3070 reference...

    Grain of salt with that article it does not even have the correct release time. It is using an old time.

  • DreadPirateRoberts
    edited February 2021

    I'm not sure where the leak was but I still don't think they will be MSRP. Just hoping they aren't outrageous like I've seen some EU retailers.

    I can excuse some price increase from tariffs in the US, but the scalping in the EU is insane. I'll admit I dont know much about EU economics, but I cant see why they would have such high mark ups on these gpus.

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