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Kernel Power 41 / IRQL Less Than or Equal To


For the past few months every time I start certain games, specifically Rust, Hunt Showdown and Rising Storm Vietnam 2 I get a bsod. The bsod says "kernel power or irql less than or equal to". Does anyone know how to fix this issue for easier communication my discord is Beans#9510.

I have a 2070 super, and a 3700x.


  • Hello @asp1898

    Could you please share your full system specifications?

    Typically, this BSOD is caused by a driver fault or a hardware issue. Since this is a fairly broad range of possibilities, I'd like a bit more information. Could you share the rest of the error information? If you right-click on the Start Menu and open Event Viewer from that menu, it should be listed under Event type - Critical. When you select the event it should list more information about what caused the BSOD.

    I'd also recommend ensuring that you have the most up-to-date GPU drivers installed and the latest chipset drivers as well.

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