colored horizontal lines across monitor (AOC 27G1G4)


ive started to get this problem where when i turn my pc on i get these colored horizontal lines that move up and down my monitor im not sure if this a problem with the monitor or the hardware in my pc but it goes away after 5-10 mins. Would appreciate any help on whats causing this and how to fix it.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @frosty

    There is a small list of things we could try to test both of these parts. But first, some questions. Could you share your system specs with us?

    Have you tried using a different monitor?

    Have you tried connecting the monitor to another PC?

    I'd also recommend changing the wire used for the display if possible.

    Do these lines actively move up and down the entire monitor?

    After a time, do these lines go away? Do you see these lines while the monitor is on, but while the PC is off? Are these lines only visible when the PC is on?

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