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Indianapolis, IN

With Frys now going out of business, and the nearest Micro Center 2 hours away, Indianapolis has no computer part stores left. Now is the chance for Micro Center to move in and gain a following. Some of us drive the 2 hours just to go to your stores. One here would do fantastic.


  • I'll definitely pass this over to our real estate team and leadership.

    Last I knew, we were looking at a few places different places for a new store, but I'm sure that this has an effect on those decisions!

    Thanks for the recommendation and for sharing your interest @Jhall257!

  • I definitely second this suggestion. The Fishers, IN Fry's store was originally one of Tandy's Incredible Universe sites, which Fry's purchased. Microcenter has skipped over Indiana for years now, and the Indianapolis (17th in the US) area has the largest population in the state, a city just a bit smaller than Columbus, OH (14th in the US).

  • I used to live in Columbus, OH. Microcenter would absolutely kill it in Indy. Fry's used to be packed when they had stock and it was literally three to four times the size of a microcenter. There is nothing in town where PC builders and enthusiasts can go. Tons of open retail space in good locations in Indy.

  • IanIan admin

    Hello! Glad to see the support here, hopefully one day it can happen!

  • Third! I've been mourning the slow death of Fry's for years now, and I would really like to have a local alternative to that place named after a river in South America. I loved the Cincinnati Micro Center store when I was in that city.

  • For YEARS I've been saying I want a Micro Center in Indianapolis. We're called "The Crossroads of America" because so many main highways come through Indy. It would really be such an excellent place to have one I'd think from a business perspective.

    There's a large tech business and userbase here. You could be THE place where a population of millions have the choice to go to get all your various products, from phones, to CPU's and everything else.

    Please come to Indy!!!!!!

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    I think a store in Bloomington, IN would also do great. Home of IU so plenty of students (ones with money based on the cars they drive around town). But if Indy is all I get it would be great, literally nothing around here for components short of a 3 hour drive. Everything has to come from ecommerce.

  • I created an account just now so I could say I would really love it if we could get a Microcenter in Indianapolis. I either have to order everything offline or go to Best Buy which has almost no selection of anything PC part related. You could make an absolute killing in Indy. One of the biggest cities in the Nation and we have a hunger for Computer Parts that is not currently being filled by any corporation.

  • ^Same, Would really love one here in Indy:D

  • Micro Center would be fantastic! The area is definitely in need. I don't think you would regret it! 
  • Yes, please open a store in the Indianapolis area so that I can give you my money :) With Fry's imploding there are no good computer stores in this area and Microcenter would be a perfect fit.

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