New here, but love the store!


So, even though I live 5-6 hours away from the nearest store, ever since I've decided to build my first set-up, looking online has been great and very helpful. I'm at the point with the way graphics cards are so hard to find, when I finally have the finances I need, I'm near willing to make the drive to one to get everything I need, I'm just afraid of the fact it is so far away, I don't want to make the drive and end up not being able to get want I want/need. So conflicted! But I still would love to go in person anyways.


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    Hello @Pyromancer43

    That sounds like quite the venture! While I appreciate the love for Micro Center, If It were me I can't say that I'd recommend taking that chance. We have no way to promise a card, and we're not able to hold anything back for you.

    We'd love to have you visit our store but due to the shortage of GPUs right now, it's less than a 50/50 chance that we may have a card for you. We often have customers waiting on our store to open in the morning to see if we've received any new inventory or shipments of the new GPUs.

    I hope this helps!

  • Brogs
    I used to love the store until me and many others waited in Freezing temps for store to open believing website that they had gpu in stock.i was 3rd into store and they had zero!! That was second time they pulled that crap on me. I will never shop there again.
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    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way @Brogs. We do our best to keep our inventory accurate but these cards have been moving in and out of our store very quickly. Did you mention this inaccuracy to the associates in the store while you were there? If you hadn't, could you please send me a DM with the store and the SKU of the item that was showing in stock while we did not have any available.

    I'd like to create a ticket to get this resolved for you.

  • Brogs
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    Thanks for responding .I was at New Jersey Paterson store. I was just frustrated with the fact that associates walked into store seeing us all in line in like 9 degree temps . Knowing why we were there an hour before store open . Knowing they didn't have limited stock.. really no stock but we got you all here so come inside and spend some $$
  • JS_MC

    While it was not me in the store, I can assure you it was not their intent to keep you out in the cold. Most likely, they had just received their shipment and no cards were included in what they received. In my opinion, it would be worse for us to turn you away and then receive a shipment of cards, than to let you wait for a bit longer and not receive any additional shipments.

    Thanks again for providing this info. I'll share it with our store management to ensure that we give our customers the best care we can!

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