3060 Launch at Westbury Store

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Im sure this is very common amongst different stores. But is they're any info available regarding how many of the gpu will be in stock, and what time they will be released given Nvidias 12pm EST release.


  • JS_MC

    Hello @DirtySass

    We have limited information available for the RTX3060. We do hope to have some available and our stores will be handing out vouchers on a first come first served basis, limited to only the stock they have on hand on launch day.

  • kev80000

    @LandShark Are vouchers specific to certain models or are they general? As in, if I want something random like a Asus tuf, do I need a voucher specifically for that model, or are the vouchers general and I can get any GPU in stock with it?

  • DirtySass

    In addition to kev8000's comment, will you guys also be getting in or have stock in other lesser RTX or GTX models? or even any gpu in general?

  • JS_MC

    With previous launches, a voucher was given out based on availability and preference.

    Here's an example of a previous voucher that was given out.

    I've not been given any info regarding shipments of other GPUs at this time. I would expect shipments of GPUs to slow a bit due to the Chinese New Year, but that is complete speculation on my part.

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