3060 Launch at Duluth Location — Micro Center

3060 Launch at Duluth Location

Will the Duluth store be selling the new 3060 tomorrow? Also, anyone have any tips about waiting or showing up early to secure a card? I've never tried to get a card on release day before.


  • They can't release ANY info about the inventory, prices, brands, etc because of non disclosure agreements. If I was you, I would have online retailers up on your phone and be ready to try for those even if you go wait in line. I seriously doubt microcenter will have enough cards to accommodate everyone in line. It wouldn't surprise me if people were already camping out waiting now.

  • Hello @JPerson! Welcome to the community.

    @takeaschmidt is correct here. We don't have any info about stock or prices at this time. While we do expect to have some inventory available, I haven't be informed of an amount. I'd imagine this will be fairly similar to previous launches, with extremely high demand and a set amount of inventory.

    We will be handing out vouchers on a first come first served basis, limited to only the stock they have on hand on launch day.

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