Pre-built Powerspec doesn't have the plastic cooler mounts for the AMD Prism

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I have purchased 2 prebuilt powerspec systems in the past 2 weeks. I purchased a Wraith Prism to install in the G164 system but I noticed that the plastic motherboard mounts for are not included in the box that the system was packaged in. Is this normal? Why aren't all the accessories that come with the parts that are used in a build included in the packaging. I know that the part is only a few dollars but now i have to order it from ebay and it will take a week or more to receive it once ordered. It's a bit annoying.....................................


  • PowerSpec_MichaelB

    Welcome to the forum, @Niko . This is actually a great question. Often times with system integration, the parts that are ordered are not retail components, but rather bulk packages. This means accessories such as SATA cables, product manuals, even the standard CPU cooler brackets that would normally be pre-installed on a retail board, are not included by default. These would instead be purchased separately in their own packaging and used in a CTO or Configure To Order situation based on the design of the system.

    The backplates that these brackets are pre-attached to are also ordered separately as well as not all coolers use them, and in system integration, you typically try to cutdown on as much waste as you can while maximizing what resources you use. I do understand the frustration, especially when you want to upgrade components like coolers and the stock brackets are not included like they would be in a retail/BYO build.

    We do carry a replacement aftermarket bracket kit, however it's often sold out due to high demand:

    Another alternative would be 3D printing the pieces:

    If you do go the route of 3D printing, I strongly urge you to use PETG, not PLA. The added rigidity will come in handy. Hopefully this helps answer your question and if you need anything else, don't hesitate to reach out!

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