you lost me as a customer today


I spend a LOT of money in your store. Today - I see you are determined to follow Fry's into the abyss. I did an online order and drove over to pick it up, only to see a 50+ person line out of front of the store.

I went to lunch and ordered the ipad i need from amazon. it will be here tomorrow.

wake up!


  • TS_JosephF

    Hello @Jmagilto

    I apologize for the experience you had at our store. Today just happened to be the release date for a new graphics card, the RTX 3060. This is one of the busiest days we have as many customers wait outside our stores before open to buy this new item. You should still be able to sign into our waitlist at the store directly.

    I am confident if you visited our store on any 'non-release' day you would have a better experience with your in-store pickup order and a shorter wait to get inside.

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