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1 per person per month.

I recently bought a 3070 at MC HOuston. Due to a snowstorm a pipe busted in the house and got water all over my pc area. I took the 3070 and put it in the pc after making sure everything is dry, I heard a loud pop and the pc doesn’t respond afterward. I got a little worry and took the 3070 and threw it into my brother in law pc and it didn’t turn on the display. So after a while fiddling with it I figured I fried it. So now I’m wondering if I should go stand in line and try to get another one, and explain to the staffs what happened.


  • Hello @Doe

    If this is still within the return period, I would bring it back to the store. If you purchased a protection plan for the GPU, I would recommend the same. This would be at the discretion of the store manager. I would recommend return the item to the store to speak with a manager about this.

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