Do you ship?


So i am from the Netherlands and i really wanna build a pc but the parts over here are VERY overpriced. So i was wondering if you guys do shipping to other countries or not?


  • TSPhillipT

    Hello @Denzel_Snippe

    Thank you for posting on the Micro Center Community! I apologize however, as we only ship within the United States. I hope you are able to find some cheaper parts elsewhere as this isn't the first time I have heard of parts being expensive over seas.

  • Alexander1

    One thing you could look into are 3rd party shippers. I've looked into them myself for getting items to Iceland. They operate in the US, receive the items from the vendors and then ship it direct to you, with an additional fee. Of course keep in mind you'll be paying the VAT on each item. One such company is called (after a quick search it's not clear whether they support MicroCenter, but might be worth further investigation).

    Good luck!

  • TSTDavey

    @Alexander1 thanks for this great tip for @Denzel_Snippe. You are right a 3rd party shipper would work for @Denzel_Snippe. Thanks again for contributing to the Microcenter Community.

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