[Solved] Atari RetroPi card fails to download at 15% to 45%

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Assembled and booted my new Pi 3+ with my new Atari RetroPi card, connected to my wifi and happily started downloading just to reboot after about 15%. After trying a few more times, I reset the Pi and repeated the download-fail-reboot sequence again. Recognizing the definition of "insanity" I put everything away and looked for a solution - and ended up here.

Any ideas other than resetting and trying again (which I did)?


  • lethall

    My power supply was inadequate. Current starvation was causing instability. If you're powering joysticks, at least 2A is needed!

  • TS_JosephF
    TS_JosephF admin
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    Hello @lethall

    Did you resolve this issue already?

    Sorry we did not respond sooner. Were you just connecting your Pi to a standard USB port on a PC or something? Like you said, the 2A power adapters are best for Pi's especially when you plan on connecting controllers/joysticks to it.

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