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I've been a (very) long time customer, and wondered if you kept a record of my past purchases. I just went through this with Costco - apparently they've kept my purchases going back years, which was a good thing. They gave me a full refund on a blender I bought several years ago that stopped working.

While I have records of purchase amounts from Microcenter, I don't have a record of the actual items purchased. There are a few things I needed to confirm buying, which would almost certainly have been from MicroCenter, hence the question.

Also - any plans to open a store in Suffolk County, NY? Plenty of customers here, and also plenty of empty retail spaces available...


  • TS_JosephF

    Hello @therealex

    I was able to find your account with your email address and see purchases going all the way back to 2005. If you need a copy of any receipt I am happy to get that for you.

    What items do you think you purchased at Micro Center? I can let you know if it is on the account or not. You may send me a DM about this as well if you would like.

    Also, thanks for the suggestion on the store location. We will certainly look into that!

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