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i bought a hp chromebook on 2/24/2021 Order#: 071-WP-11081436

when i got back home the keyboard didn't work and only a few keys did respond. i knew since this was a refurbished it should have a 90 day warranty or 30 days to return back to microcenter. i figured i would do an RMA with hp and get it fixed directly with them. i typed in the serial number and it says warranty expired in dec 2020 so a return to hp was no good. i took back to local store and and asked about getting it fixed i was told

#1 would take about 40 days before its looked at

#2 said something about price of parts

#3 no answer why it said warranty expired on refurb laptop

I wasnt about to pay for parts that would be for a product i just bought and with no 90 factory warranty as site claims. i just got a refund on the unit ,but my first choice was to get repaired until i was told $$$ for parts

hope this message gets to the right person


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    Hello @ninja502 Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. I'd be happy to share your remarks with our service manager.

    I can try to better answer this for you and explain a bit of why they may have responded this way.

    1. Our service department has been extremely busy for quite some time now, and while we are doing our best to work through each repair as quickly as possible, we do have many repair orders in our service department. It is possible that we may be able to repair the laptop sooner than 40 days, but this is our best estimate at the time for us to be able to get to your order and then order parts for repair/replacement.
    2. The comment made about the price of the parts is not necessarily meant for you from my understanding. It is more referring to the price of the parts that we would need to order to repair the keyboard. It's quite likely that the parts would be more expensive than the device itself. In which case, we would typically offer a replacement.
    3. The 90-day warranty is handled by us directly and not offered by the manufacturer. The warranty through the manufacturer for the device has typically expired by the time it reached our store which is why we offer the 90-day warranty.

    I'm sorry to hear that you received an item with a keyboard that was not properly working when you received it.

    In cases like this, I'd strongly recommend returning the item since you're still within the return period. (Which I see you've done)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about this.

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