Email says item was canceled; order history says otherwise?


EDIT: Never mind, please disregard my question. I was able to pick up my ipad at the store thanks to the amazing employees there :)

I'm not exactly sure if this is the correct place for this, but I am needing some clarification about something. So a couple days ago I had reserved an ipad that was open box and today I had gotten an email explaining my reservation had been canceled. I understand that Microcenter has the three day hold period, but when I look at my order history it still shows up as "complete" despite the email.

I was actually really hoping to pick it up today, and was wondering if I still could since its still technically "ready." I looked on the website for the specific ipad and it isn't showing up at all, so I'm wondering: was it really canceled? And if so, could I possibly re-reserve it?


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