No 3060 available unless you buy an entire pre-built bundle?

My MicroCenter doesn’t have any 3060 in stock however there is a big sign on the GPU case that says you can take home a pre-built PC (with off the shelf parts) immediately that contains a 3060 and a Ryzen 5 5600X for $1600...

You are using your limited stock to put directly into a pre-built PC and charging a $200 cost to build it. 

You’re scalping harder than anybody and should be ashamed. 


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    Hello @MC_Cust_128

    I am not aware of any such actions in place at this time. However. I'd be happy to look further into this for you if you could provide me more info. I believe this was referencing our prebuilt systems.

    We offer a selection of pre-built systems with the new GPUs and CPUs available for purchase.

    Our PowerSpec G508 or the PowerSpec G900 would be an example of this that is currently available in your store.

    I hope this info is helpful, but if you have more information about this example you mentioned, please send me a DM with that info.

  • MC_Cust_128

    This is definitely not one of those. These have custom specs including the “off the shelf” 3060. I specifically asked about it, and the $200 build fee proves that as well that these are being built by the service center using shipped parts that were meant for individual sale.

    The store is in Westmont, IL.

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