You Lost a Customer Today


When I first moved to Boston, 20 years ago, I wanted to build my own computer for the first time, and the place that all my coworkers recommended to me was Micro Center. The first time I went in I fell in love.

That ended today over a promotion for a $4.50 MicroSD card.

In the years since, whenever friends and family have asked my opinion about where to buy computer parts, electronics, or supplies I've always recommended Micro Center.

I've also spent thousands of dollars over the years, including building two brand new computers for my son and my wife last year.

I was watching a YouTube video a couple of weeks ago that you had sponsored ( and at his suggestion signed up for your email promotions. The big thing that was attractive to me was the free offer for a microSD card and a flash drive. I was also happy to support a great YouTuber that I like and it gave me an excuse to run into the city and stop by Micro Center to pick up a couple of things.

When I went to your Cambridge store today I decided to pick up a couple of things (Raspberry Pi's) and claim my free coupon before I spent a couple of hours to test some Android tablets and decide which one I was going to buy.

I dutifully waited in the customer service line and gave your associate (Christopher F) my coupon. He went off to get the SD card and the flash drive and when couldn't find the SD card he spoke with his manager (whose name is apparently "Marvel"?). I could hear her tell him that he needed to stop giving people the SD cards and to stop bothering her.

So he comes back and tells me that they're out of the 32GB SD cards and that it was just too bad I didn't come in fast enough. I asked him if there was something else I could get, like a smaller card, or a raincheck. He went and asked Marvel and I could see her yelling at him. He came back and said that no, there was nothing I could do, but he offered to let me speak to his manager.

Marvel comes over and was clearly upset to even be talking to me. She told me that they were all out and that it was a limited offer (which the coupon doesn't say anything about) and that it was just too bad. She gave me no other options and wouldn't try and help in any way whatsoever.

And so over a $4.50 MicroSD card you've lost a lifelong customer. I've often chosen to shop at Micro Center in the past, even when cheaper and faster options were available elsewhere. I'll never shop in your store again after today, and I'll make sure and share this stupid story with as many people as I can. I also didn't buy the Android tablet I had my eye on, and I'll buy it from a store that keeps its commitments to its customers.

This wasn't something I was asking for that was over and above what's reasonable. This is a coupon you gave to your customer as a free offer.

Also, to be fair, I was very rude to Marvel as I left. I'm not proud of that.




  • JS_MC

    Hello Brian,

    It's great to know that you've been shopping with us for some time! We're happy to have earned your trust in shopping with us.

    I'm sorry to hear about your experience in our store. I'd love to get some more information from you about this to better understand this concern. Please expect an email from me shortly.

  • TinyMammal

    Dear LandShark,

    Thank you for reaching out. I've emailed you back and would be happy to talk further about my experience.



  • TinyMammal
    Thank you all for reaching out and addressing the situation I faced at the Cambridge store. The store manager contacted me and couldn't have been nicer about the whole thing. 
    I love shopping at Micro Center and look forward to my next visit!


  • Ian
    Ian admin
    First Anniversary 5 Insightfuls 5 Likes 5 LOLs

    Hello! I am glad to hear of your experience with management. Please let us know if you need anything else, have a great day!

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