Need help with Motherboard


I am putting together an Core I7 10700k system. I have tentatively selected the Gigabyte Z490 AORUS PRO AX Intel LGA 1200 ATX. I'm looking for rock solid longevity. My last build was a Disignaire and it has worked well. I saw some mixed results and am second guessing myself. I mostly don't game but do some graphics manipulation/video. I have to support this to my wife, and it can't be unstable in any way.


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @gkiteguy and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. Just sharing some thoughts first based on my experience. What I have seen is that there is always a risk with custom built systems not having good longevity in general, no matter the board or cpu. Just because all the PC components to build a system are manufactured by different manufacture's to work and be compatible with each other, but they're still produced and designed by different companies. Pre-built systems like a Dell or HP use components that are Dell/HP approved for their systems. They're not using a collection of different component manufacturer's for their systems. A pre-built has a higher probability of lasting longer than a custom system; even though pre-built pc's can have issues too.

    Just sharing my experiences. I'd go with a pre-built system for video editing if the longevity of the PC staying up and running over a long term, is a concern, over building a system.

    Just my opinion based of my experiences.

    As far as the Gigabyte z490, its a good board. Look at the Asus Maximus XII Hero. There's are more reliability reviews out there for the Maximus board than the Z490. The Z490 may be a better board, but check out some of the reliability reviews on the Maximus. Decide then if want to go with the Z490 or trying out the Maximus board.

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