Just want a 1660 super or ti

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Been trying to get my hands on a GTX 1660 super for a while now, with no luck. I'm just building a mid-range gaming PC for my first ever build. What's the best way to go about this? I contacted the Tustin store but didn't get any good advice other than to check the website for stock updates. I don't live close by, so I'm worried even if one comes up, by the time I get there it'll be gone. I also have a close friend who lives in Ohio who can swing by the Mayfield Heights store if it pops up there.

Any tips? And is it possible to have them reserve it? But since there's no phone number to call I'm doubting that, unfortunately.

Thanks so much guys!


  • TSTDavey

    Hello @Alexander1 and thanks for posting on the Microcenter Community Forum. With there being a GPU shortage across the GPU industry, its a challenge for local retailers to keep GPUs stocked. How MC customers are obtaining GPUs from our stores are, they are showing up 1-2 hours before the store opens. Some customers are showing up everyday hoping to grab a card. Once the store opens and you are able to enter, you want to inquire about the inventory delivery truck and if the store is expecting GPUs today.

    You have to beat the competition of other customers trying to get there early and hanging out at the store until the truck comes, hoping to to get a GPU card.

    If you have vacay time with your employer, take a day or a few consecutive days off and visit the store on a Thursday and Friday. Or Friday and Saturday. You can have your friends in Ohio attempt the same process as well.

    You basically have to be in the store when GPUs are delivered and put out on the sales floor for customers.

    The other option is to pay the premium for the 1660 online. Amazon and newegg.com have the 1660 ti or Super, you'll just have to pay about $250 more if purchased online.

    Take a look at other Microcenter Customers posts on how they were able to get a GPU. It involves showing up early at the store.




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