Reservation Cancellation


Hello, im new to the MicroCenter community so im not sure how things work with reservations. I tried ordering a tuf motherboard and cpu bundle but the order would not go through because apparently one of the items may be out of stock. So what i did was place a reservation order with the cpu i wanted and a gigabyte motherboard, it went through. However, i then decided to try placing a reservation for the tuf motherboard i wanted, because i noticed it was in stock. The reservation for the motherboard by itself went through as well. So at this point, i have a reservation for a cpu and gigabyte motherboard and another reservation for a tuf motherboard. What i tried doing was canceling both reservations by hitting the remove from history button. (dont think this cancels it, but i tried). I then proceeded to place another reservation with the cpu and tuf motherboard i wanted originally and it went through. How do i know the status of my reservations? Was i able to cancel my first two orders? Any help is appreciated. In hindsight i should have been patient with the reservations, however i'm excited and just want my parts as soon as possible since im building my first PC ever, coming from console. Thanks guys!


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