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Asus ProArt PA278QV does not turn off

I have two new ProArts connected to my new B745 with a GeForce GTX1660 graphics card. The 1660 has one display port and one HDMI and so I have one monitor on each. My power settings are to turn off the monitors after 30 min. The HDMI connected one will fully go into standby with the monitor power light going amber. The display port connected one will go black but remains actually powered on, no amber power light. No clue if this is a graphics card, Windows or monitor issue. All settings between the monitors are identical that I can tell. Anybody ever heard of such a thing?


  • IanIan admin

    Hello. Can you exchange your cable connections between monitors? I would start with that for troubleshooting. That would be the easiest way to start narrowing down the issue.

  • Thanks for the response. I switched the cables and exact same response. It works fine if connected via DVI or HDMI, but not DisplayPort. I reached out to Asus tech support and have an open ticket with them. They've been fairly useless for far. They did send me a spreadsheet to fill out for further info gathering.

  • @ZaneS just chiming in. Have you tried to update your graphic card drivers? If not, try that.

    Also the B745 has a MSI Z490 board in it. Try updating the motherboard chipset drivers as well. See link below.

  • ZaneSZaneS
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    After working with ASUS to no avail I've been working with NVidia tech support. It seems that the 1660 is the culprit. If I disconnect the HDMI connection, the DP will successfully power off the DP monitor. If they're both connected, the DP will not power off.

    The NVidia tech had me uninstall and reinstall the 1660 drivers. No help. They've now suggested that I try to go into the B745 bios disable the DP port on the integrated graphics on the MB. They also suggested disabling "multi monitor mode". I got into the bios and found something like multi monitor mode but it was already disabled. Is there a way to disable the on-board DP?

    I'll try updating the chipset drivers in the mean time. Thanks for the above and thanks in advance for anything else you suggest!

    P.S. After looking at the MSI downloads page, specifically which am I downloading and install? The BIOS or the "System & Chipset Drivers"?

  • @ZaneS do both. Download and install the Intel Chipset driver dated Release date 2021-01-26.

    Then test your GPU. If still have problem, then download the bios version 7c75va6 to a usb drive. Below is a video on how to update your z490 bios.

    Was the 1660 purchased from MC?

  • ZaneSZaneS
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    @TSTDavey thanks for the great info. I got the chipset update done but unfortunately it didn't help. I'm trying the bios update. I followed the instructions and the M flash process sees it on the USB drive, but it's not recognizing it as an update and just shows N/A's for the selected bios. I've attached a screen shot. I'm sure I'm just missing something simple. It sees the USB drive and the folder \7C75va6. When I enter into that folder, it does not show me the E7C7IMS.A60 file that is actually in there?? The USB drive is FAT32 and the drive shows up in M Flash.

    And yes, I bought the 1660 at MC.

  • @ZaneS don't worry about the bios update, I realized now it won't update, due to my mistake. It was brought to my attention that I gave you the MSI z490 gaming plus motherboard bios and link. The B745 has a MSI Z490 Plus motherboard, not Gaming plus. I missed that when looking up the MSI motherboard manufacturer's site. My apologies for that, I overlooked it. The chipset update you've done should not impact your powerspec. MSI does not publish the bios update for the MSI z490 Plus board because its for a powerspec system only and not a commercial board. This powerspec would have to be brought into the store for this update. So bringing this into the store is an option.

    But lets focus back on the 1660 gpu. When was the 1660 purchased? Have you attempted to update the 1660 drivers? Also what is your power options in control panel on, can you adjust your power options to "High Performance", then test if the monitor blacks out.

  • @TSTDavey thanks for the clarification. At least I know I'm not losing my mind on the bios update! Put it in high performance mode, no change. Still comes back on to backlight. I bought the 1660 sometime in January I think? The drivers are updated. I'm running the NVIDIA Studio Driver 461.92 dated 3-17-21. I worked with the GeForce tech people through their chat to do a complete uninstall and clean reinstall of the drivers. They are the ones that suggested disabling the onboard DP port and the multi-monitor mode. Interestingly, the DP only fails to power off when both the DP and HDMI connections on the 1660 are in use. If I unplug the HDMI, the DP will sleep like a baby.

    Thanks again for staying after this!

  • @ZaneS your power distribution is controlled by the motherboard and bios. If there are issues with the GPU not powering off the monitor, or not going to sleep, that can be caused by the power interface within the bios; if there is something wrong with it or out of date.

    If you had another computer, it would be great for you to take out the 1660 and install it in another computer and see if you get the same results in another system.

    It hard to tell if its the GPU or motherboard. My money is on your motherboard and its power interface within the motherboard bios. Again the bios can't found online it has to be updated in the store (my mistake above).

    Let me create a ticket for this. I will email you for more information to create the ticket on our end.

    I'd recommend to bring it to the store to have our Powerspec guys take a look at it.

    Any other MC forum Admin have any other thoughts please chime in. I recommend to bring to the store for this customer.

  • @TSTDavey thanks for the update. Unfortunately, I don't have another machine to try. In fact, I bought the B745 to accommodate the 1660 because I didn't have a current machine that would do so. I responded to the ticket for instructions on what to do next. I definitely want to bring it in. Will the ticket # assigned have all this history attached to it when I bring it in?

    Thanks again for all the help! I'll let you know how it all works out after I bring it in.

  • @TSTDavey I tried one more thing. It dawned on me that everything I had done involved the Asus ProArt monitors. I had tried every port to verify that it only seemed to happen on the DP, verified that it wasn't just a problem with one of the monitors, and even tried a another desktop that had onboard DP. I had not tried another DP monitor. Brought one home today and the B745 successfully turned it off! So here is a summary:

    B745 + Asus ProArt DP = fail

    B745 + HP E222 = pass

    HP ProDesk 600 G1 + Asus ProArt DP = pass

    So, I can't point to just the B745/1660 duo as the problem but likewise can't point to the Asus as the problem either. It's the combination of the two. To really fix this, your guys in the store will have to pair it with an Asus ProArt. Would they have one so I don't have to transport one of mine?

  • It's possible that they would be able to acquire a ProArt display, but I can't guarantee that they will have one on hand for this. However, the diagnostic testing that is done in our service department is quite extensive and I would strongly recommend sharing this information with them when you bring your device in for diagnostics!

    You would not be required to bring in your ProArt display if that is an inconvenience for you!

  • Ok great, thank you!

  • IanIan admin

    You're welcome, please let us know if you have any other questions.

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